Ready to build strength, flexibility, and control?
Eager to confident in your body?

With expert coaching from Jenn Lymburner, you will learn how to build foundational nutrition and bodyweight skills to help you move with more freedom, gain control around food, and feel your best for years to come!

What you're going to get

This 12-week online program provides you with:

Guided training focused on improving integral bodyweight strength and flexibility
Use weekly training and locomotion sessions to improve your body’s strength, flexibility, and motor control so that you can move with more freedom not only in the gym, but in your day-to-day activities. 

With a focus on skills like the pull up, push up, l-sit and squat (including the shrimp squat), this program designed for beginners looking to build from the ground up, to intermediate+ athletes looking to refine their skills and move without pain. A pull up bar is required.
Ongoing coaching guidance and 
community support
Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone! Receive exclusive access to a private Facebook support group, as well as weekly group coaching calls. This will help you stay accountable and receive any ongoing feedback and support you require to help progress your goals.

For individuals looking for more customization and added support, a one-on-one program option is available.
Simple, effective nutrition practices
designed to last long-term
This is not about removing your favourite foods or being "perfect". Instead, you will learn how to create healthy habits and sustainable strategies to let you find freedom around food both during and after the program. 

Explore new practices in two-week blocks with accompanying tools and resources to support each practice. 
Bonus: Lifetime access to 
The Total Body Mastery Method
When you purchase this program, you will get access to its content (including updates) for as long as the program exists! This means that if you finish and want to go back to the start, or revisit down the road, you can.

(Facebook group and calls excluded.)
"I have always struggled with my weight. I have tried a lot of different diets and workout plans in the past but nothing seem to worked. I will be turning 40 next year and my goal was to be in the best shape I can be before my birthday. The biggest changes I experienced in this program were 1. The change in my mindset. I was able to over come the can’t do it attitude to can do attitude. I gained a lot of confidence. 2. My physical change was amazing. I gained muscle and got leaner. My mobility increased tremendously. There were a lot of small achievements and milestones through out the program, including going from 5 to 20+ push ups and from 1 to 5 pull ups."   

This program is very simple to include in your lifestyle. I feel like I am able be the be the best version of myself physically and attitude-wise because of the this program and Coach Jenn. I would definitely recommend it! - Atef
“I push myself hard in the gym and have tried all of the fad diets. 
I don't feel like my efforts show or last (especially as I'm getting older)... and it is beyond frustrating."
Is that you?

If you've been involved in sports or fitness for a while now, you're no stranger to the importance of eating well and training hard. 

I bet at some point you've tried the most recent "fad" diet or spent months obsessively tracking every single piece of food you put in your body. You've done HIIT class after HIIT class, trying to burn calories and get strong.

The results may have come, but just as quickly as they came, they likely faded as soon as the program ended, or you found yourself plateauing progress. I know how frustrating that can feel, especially when you work so hard! 

I don't know about you, but for me, the constant stress of restrictive dieting is not an enjoyable way to live. And always pushing your body hard gets draining, both physically and mentally. But with experience (and patience), I have come to discover there are better ways to feel great and fuel your body without cutting out all of your favourite foods, and there are other ways to build strength and feel fit without requiring hours upon hours of strenuous training.

My goal is to help you learn strategies to master your body and unlock its capabilities with the long term in mind. No, this program isn't a quick fix (that's probably why those diets and challenges didn't stick in the past). Instead, you'll walk away with a toolbox of resources and systems that will leave you feeling strong and confident in your body in a way that can support you not only now but for years to come.
"I am about 9 weeks into the program and I have see tremendous results so far. I have lost weight and inches. Energy levels have been consistent. Cravings have diminished a huge amount! On top of that, I have gained a tremendous amount of strength in my movements, and flexibility has improved significantly. Whenever I have questions, Jenn is very helpful to provide her feedback along with “why” which I find extremely beneficial. What I love about this is at the end, I just continue with my habits... it’s ideal for lifestyle/work."   - Michelle (Mom of two and Nurse)

Meet Jenn Lymburner

My name is Jenn, Founder of J2N Fitness and creator of The Total Body Mastery Method. I created this program based on my own experiences with injuries and plateaus, so I understand your frustrations! 

I live and breathe this stuff every day, and have dedicated my professional life helping everyday athletes like you become fitter, stronger, and healthier than ever.

Whatever obstacles arise, I’ll be there each step of the way to help guide and support you. 

Feel free to connect with me online: @jenn_lymburner

Lose weight, build strength, and gain the confidence you deserve.

524.99 CAD
One time payment for full three-month program.
HST (13%) applies to the above listed price.
  • Daily nutrition practices and weekly lessons, case studies and recipes provided in user-friendly online platform
  • Program customized to needs and goals
  • Ongoing messaging support with Coach
  • One-on-one weekly Zoom check-in calls with Coach
  • BONUS: FREE 3-month access to J2N's online movement class subscription
Note: After 90-days, all participants do have the option to continue on.

6 and 12-month individual programs are available at a discounted monthly rate. Customized training may also be paired on to this program.
If you have a group of 4 or more interested in completing this program together, a group discount will be provided.
Please email for more details.
Ready to master your body and gain the confidence you deserve?
"I'm an almost 50 years old Carpenter, competitive CrossFitter, distance runner... and I generally tend to push my body farther than it should go! I reached out to Jenn a few months ago to try to get my body back to moving efficiently. I realized that my nutrition was a big part of that process as well. Jenn started me on her [training and nutrition] program. Since then, I have lost around 15 pounds. The weight is only a small part of the equation though. The biggest part for me is how I feel. My energy levels are through the roof, and I find I am recovering so much faster from longer runs and heavy training days. Sleep has drastically improved and I have lost so many sugar cravings or need for “comfort” foods when I come home from a long day. 

Easy concepts and practices make this program super simple for me. Tons of support along the way also helps"  
- Gord 
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